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Dragonor Injector APK Review:

Dragonor Injector APK is a worthwhile tool that is handily used in the game Garena Free Fire. The tool comes with considerable in-game scripts that readily turn the game controls in the favor of the player. The principal concept of this FF tool is to provide a comfort zone for the player and make the game easy for him to win. Therefore, this improvement results in daily victories and unlocks top-rated premium items.

In addition, the Dragonor Injector app offers various built functions like No Recoil, Auto-aim, ESP, Rank booster, etc. Whereas, these components have specific functions in the battle to provide full coverage for the player. One of the useful components is the No recoil feature, which is specially made for those players who have fewer Aiming skills toward their enemies. Therefore, having such features improves your gaming skills and increases game rankings.

What is Dragonor Injector APK?

Garena Free Fire is a widespread online multiplayer game. The game was developed by a Singaporean company Garena Inc. (A digital entertainment company) in 2017. Formally, the battle game comes in two versions but the first Free Fire version is the official and rather came in hand to play. Moreover, the game has basic system requirements and simple graphics which a low-end smartphone can also support easily.

Therefore, the daily number of users is increasing day to day and has reached 1 Billion+ downloads worldwide. The second version of this game is the Free Fire Max. The gameplay is the same for both versions but the Free Fire Max is built for high-end devices. The FF version offers very extreme graphics and system mechanisms that a high-end player wants. That way, the game has more extreme features and gaming mods.

The main physics of this battle game consists of 50 players. All the players are dropped at an unknown location with empty hands. The players have to search for various battle supplies in the nearby buildings and apartments. Each team has a solo or a group of 2 or 4 players. At last, the team who destroys all their opponents in the given time will be the winner. Secondly, the battle duration is 15 minutes.

Features of Dragonor Injector APK:

The Dragonor injector app has assorted built-in functions and useful features. Hence, each feature has its ability and power to provide unfair advantages in the game. In addition, the RFO Bypass Raihan FF injector comes with more helpful features and built-in functions.

Auto-Aim Bot:

This helpful feature is mostly for those players who have fewer Aiming skills or are not able to aim toward their enemies properly. Because of that, their enemies knock out them first. Therefore, the feature will improve crosshair to set auto-aim at the enemies around you. Of course, this gives you a spell to kill your enemies rapidly and quickly.

Zero Recoil:

Recoil is one of the important aspects of online battle games. In this mechanism, the weapon crosshair weaves out of the direction when a player shoots. Similarly, many players of Free Fire can’t get hold of it and are not able to aim properly. Therefore, the zero recoil feature will easily remove the recoil from the battle. So, players do not worry about that anymore.


This is another helpful feature of this injector Apk. The feature enables players to kill their enemy in one fire. Thus, it helps to adjust auto-aim and kill the opponent by delivering a headshot. Whereas, you can use these features for free.

Benefits of Dragonor Injector APK:

  • Supports all Android devices.
  • Does not mandate high-end spec.
  • Runs on all servers.
  • Easy navigation options.
  • Find hidden supplies.
  • Mark the opponent’s movement.
  • A safe, secure, and 100% workable Apk.
  • High jump, 2x damage, and runs on water.
  • Smooth graphics and camera sensitivity.
  • Drone view to keep an eye on all corners.
  • Don’t need to root your device.
  • 50 percent auto-win matches.
  • 100% Workable features and built-in functions.
  • Explore more features on the App.

How to Install and Use the Dragonor APK Injector?

The Apk comes with an easy and short installation process. You can download the Apk by following the below-posted installation guidelines.

  1. First, click on the overhead top download button.
  2. Once downloaded, go to the device’s browser.
  3. Click on the downloaded file and open settings.
  4. Allow unknown sources to get access to install the Apk.
  5. Install the Dragonor Apk and launch on your device.
  6. Open the APK tool and the Free Fire battle game.
  7. Unlock the features and functions that you want to apply.

Pros and Cons of Dragonor APK Injector:


  • The FF APK is a freeware Android application.
  • The APK size is only (244) MB.
  • No App-purchasing or subscription fees.
  • Does not authorize 3rd party Ads.
  • Furthermore, One-click FF APK solves all problems.
  • Reliable and useful tools to improve the gaming experience.
  • No registrations and memberships.


  • May Restrict your FF user account.
  • Create a glitch in the battle.
  • Consume your battery health.
  • Slow your device sometimes.


Does the Apk support an Anti-Ban Feature?

Yes, the Apk supports an Anti-Ban feature, that keeps your FF user account safe and secure to some extent. You can use the APK injector without any issues.

Does the Apk require any Registrations?

No, the Apk does not require any Registrations, payments, or subscription fees. Furthermore, the FF Tool is a freeware Android application.

How do I update the New Version?

If the latest version of this Apk comes, first uninstall the previous version from your device and install the updated version.


No doubt, the Dragonor Injector Apk is a free source to overcome your FF gaming problems. Hence, the Apk performs multiple functions that provide access to unlock premium items, push rankings, lead daily victories, etc. Secondly, the Apk is a 100% workable injector and secure to use.

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