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Rank Booster APK Review:

Rank Booster ML APK is a perfect injector application to increase your gaming rankings in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The Mobile Legends is a popular online multiplayer action game. The theme of this game is friendly, where a team of five players competes against another team of five players. Players can select their desirable characters in just 10 seconds before the game starts.

Every character comes with different abilities and characteristics, which provides multiple options used by the bearer. Once the match started, every player comes with the full strategy to survive for 10 minutes and attack their opponents. One of the major aspects to obtain glory is to heal your teammate if they got damaged. But here comes the problem.

There is no any another mechanism to win in this game. However, every player has some specific abilities on the basis of their rank and hero’s skill. Automatically, a player who has less rank or is not aware of the rank mechanism will encounter difficulties in the game. So, here comes the Rank Booster ML APK. The APK injector will help you to solve all your ranking problems and improve your gaming skills to the next level. Also, check the previous Injector APK, it also offers numerous features.

Salient Features of Rank Booster ML APK

The ML APK Injector encounters some specific features to increase your gaming skills and lead victories. The main feature of this APK is getting access to premium skills. The most common skills are power speed, anti-ban, and finding professional teammates for you.

  • Special Characters

Every character in this game comes with some specific abilities to lead victories. Therefore, every player must have premium characters and skills to obtain glory in the match. Additionally, the special feature will help you to unlock top-rated characters and skills for you.

  • Anti-Ban

Using 3rd party Apps in the background may violate the gaming environment and user agreement. However, it is mandatory to root your device before installing the ML Injector. If you can’t access the Root feature, then we suggest you use the Rank Booster ML injector on any dummy account.

  • Pro-teaming

The tool search for the best and pro teammates for you. To lead victories, a professional team is all your need. Therefore, the injector manages to find the top-best teammates from around the globe.

Benefits of Rank Booster ML APK

  • Provide 2x damage.
  • Auto win matches.
  • Increase defends and ping booster.
  • Human boot and offer special characters.
  • Easy to use and quickly installs on your device.
  • A safe, trusted, and reliable injector application.
  • Compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • Increase momentum and defend marks.

How to Install and Use the Rank Booster ML APK 2023?

Due to its smooth user interface, the APK injector comes with an easy installation process. Just need to follow the below simple guideline.

  1. First, download the APK from the above-provided button.
  2. Once downloaded, find the downloaded file on your browser.
  3. Go to settings and enable Apps to install through “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Agree to the instructions that pop up on your mobile screen.
  5. Once completely installed, set the file to launch on your phone.
  6. That’s it. Open the Rank Booster App and unlock the features.

Pros and Cons of ML Rank Booster Apk


  • Free to download.
  • Lightweight application.
  • 100% Workable ML injector.
  • Does not show 3rd party Ads.
  • Improve your ML game skills.
  • Push your Gaming rankings.
  • Supports Anti-Ban feature.


  • Consume your battery.
  • Stuck at a white screen.
  • Slow your device.
  • Not installs on low-end devices.


Is the ML Injector Safe and Trusted?

Yes, the ML Injector is a safe, trusted, tested, and 100% workable Apk. It helps die-heart players to improve their gaming skills and push rankings. It is safe to use the built-in functions without breaking any terms.

Can I download the App for Free?

Yes, it is a freeware Android application. It does not require any subscription fees or memberships.

Does it Require any Registration?

No, it does not require any registrations, passwords, or fees. You just need to open the App and use its built-in functions.


Overall, the Rank Booster ML Injector APK is a reliable and trusted application to improve your rankings. The Apk mostly suits die-heart players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. They can use the injector and push their rankings, unlock premium items, and compete with professional players easily.

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